• «Sberbank», Moscow, Russia


    TypeScript, React/MobX, Figma, Storybook, Parcel, Chrome Extension.

  • «TenCoins», Malta


    Development of cryptocurrency exchange. TypeScript, React/MobX, React Native/Swift, ant.design, Storybook, Adobe XD, Google Docs API.

  • «Plarin», Moscow, Russia


    Development of new version of control system for advertising campaigns. A lot of complicated components, data, and tables. TypeScript, React, Flow, PostCSS, ReCharts, SalesForce design system.

  • «Rambler&Co», Moscow, Russia


    Development of two versions for Rambler/Video project and microservice for rendering React. Integration of partners and mentoring colleagues. Backbone/Marionette, React/Redux, Webpack, Babel, WebSocket, Docker.

  • «ChatCenter», Palo-Alto, CA (remote)


    Development of fully functional messenger from scratch (frontend). Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Sass, Express, Gulp, Brunch, heroku, responsive.

  • «Undev», Moscow, Russia


    Frontend for highload Ruby on Rails apps and backend for highly specialized Node.js apps. Sinatra, BEM, React and lots of others.

  • «Farminers Startup Academy», Moscow, Russia


    A lot of complicated CSS for RIA and very cool launch on SXSW. Git, Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, HAML, Sass, Responsive.

  • «IRM Development», Moscow, Russia


    Markup and small scripts for e-document system. SVN, Java, XSLT, SVG, IE6.


  • Web-Technologies

    HTML (HAML, Handlebars, EJS, Pug); CSS (PostCSS, Sass, Stylus, LESS); JavaScript (ES2015+, TypeScript, CoffeeScript); React/MobX/Redux; Backbone/Marionette; Node.js (Express/Koa); Gulp, Webpack/Rollup/RequireJS/Browserify; REST/WebSocket/Server-Sent Events; React Native/Electron/Ionic; Browser Extensions, Maps API's, canvas.

  • Other computer languages

    Basics in PHP, C#, Python, Bash, Swift.

  • Tools

    Git/SVN; Jira/Redmine/Trello, Blossom, IntelliJ IDEA/Visual Studio Code/Xcode, Figma/Sketch/Photoshop/Adobe XD/Zeplin, Docker, bash/zsh/fish.


  • Applied Informatics, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia


    Faculty of Radio Electronics for Aircrafts


  • English — B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

  • Russian — Native